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How To Turn Off A Fire Alarm (& end the beeping!)

by | Feb 21, 2021 | FAQs, Fire Safety | 0 comments

a fire alarm system

We’ve all experienced a false alarm from smoke detectors in our homes or fire alarm systems in buildings. Fire alarms and smoke detectors can save lives and they can also be very annoying and difficult to turn off once they’re triggered or have become faulty. 

In this article, we will learn how to turn off, or temporarily disable a fire alarm. 

The Most Effective Ways To Turn Off Your Fire Alarm or Smoke Detector

There are many different kinds of fire warning systems. Some are hard-wired fire alarm systems, while others are small battery-operated smoke detectors. Here are the three most common types of fire alarms and smoke detectors and how to turn them off properly without damaging the equipment or yourself. 

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How To Turn Off Battery Powered Fire Alarms and Smoke Detectors

Most smoke detector and fire alarm models will include a “silence” function. Manually pressing and holding the “silence” button on the smoke detector/fire alarm will cause it to stop sounding but not permanently turn it off. 

On older models, you may need to unscrew the alarm from the wall or ceiling and hold down a button on the back.

If the smoke detector/fire alarm continues to pick up on smoke after a short period of time has elapsed, the beeping noise will start again to ensure your safety.

If your fire alarm or smoke detector is continually beeping, this is an indicator that you need to replace the batteries. If it continues to beep after installing new batteries, this means that the smoke detector/fire alarm has become faulty, and you should immediately get a replacement. 

It’s ok to remove the batteries to stop the noise in the meantime, but it’s vitally important that you replace either the batteries or the fire alarm/smoke detector as soon as possible. 

How To Turn Off Hard-wired Fire Alarms and Smoke Detectors

If you have a hard-wired fire alarm in your building it is most likely a Commercial fire alarm system.

If you are experiencing any problems with commercial fire alarms, it is highly recommended that you call a certified fire protection company immediately. Please don’t try to solve this problem by yourself.

Turning off a hard-wired fire alarm can be much more complicated than a battery-powered smoke detector. Some fire alarms have “silence” or “reset” buttons, but if they are not functioning, then you will have to remove the device. 

There are wires involved, which means you will need to shut the main power source off before proceeding with anything. That’s the first indicator that you should contact professionals.

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