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Best San Diego Restaurants

by | Jul 5, 2021 | Uncategorized

California is a melting pot of cultures. With so many cultures coming together comes a wide selection of fantastic restaurants to choose from that boast flavors from around the world. Whether you’re planning a trip to San Diego or are moving to the area, finding delicious places to eat is usually a top priority. Check out some of the best restaurants San Diego has to offer. 

Cowboy Star Restaurant and Butcher Shop

Cowboy Star is a restaurant that boasts American cuisine with a western flare. Located in the East Village, the Cowboy star has an open view of the kitchen from almost everywhere in the restaurant. With a kitchen view, patrons can see how much care the chefs put into their meals. All the meat offered to their patrons comes from a Certified Humane Angus herd and seafood from local fishers to ensure freshness. While everything on their menu is fantastic, you have to try one of their steak dinners. 

Dija Mara Oceanside

If you’re craving Southeast Asian and Western flavors, head over to Oceanside to find Dija Mara. Every dish that chefs at Dija Mara create is made with sustainably sourced ingredients. They have a variety of beef and pork dishes as well as vegetarian options. Regardless of what you order, be sure to check out their wine list. Dija Mara only serves “all-natural” wine from around the world. 

Island Prime

Island Prime sits in the perfect location; on the water with a view of the San Diego skyline. At Island Prime, you’ll find one of the largest and best seafood selections in the city. But not to worry if you don’t like seafood or aren’t in the mood for it, they have plenty of chicken, vegetarian, and beef options. The seafood platter is perfect for sharing with friends while taking in the views. They also have an impressive cocktail menu that’s worth taking a looking at. 

The Lion’s Share

This restaurant has an eclectic atmosphere that’s perfect for relaxing after work with a cocktail, great food, and better company. The Lion’s Share is perfect for those who love meat and trying exotic meat. For a sampling of meat you’ve probably never tried before, their sausage board is the perfect appetizer. You’ll be able to taste rabbit, buffalo, and wild boar. All of their cocktails are handcrafted by mixologists that love their craft. Their staff is incredibly accommodating, and patrons are encouraged to ask questions about the food and beverage menu. 

Baci Ristorante 

Baci Ristorante has been a fan favorite in San Diego since 1979. The owner of Baci serves only the most authentic Italian recipes in a warm and comforting atmosphere. The pasta dishes are some of the best in the city, whether you’re celebrating something or just craving the taste of Italy. You can’t have pasta without wine. Well, you can, but why would you want to? They have a large selection of red and white wines that will pair perfectly with any dish you choose. 

Meze Greek Fusion

Meze Greek Fusion is a modern restaurant that will surely impress you. The downtown building the restaurant is located in almost looks like a dance club inside, but it’s an elegant dining experience. Meze is the perfect spot in town to gather with friends to catch up or celebrate a birthday or other life milestone. You can share several of their mouthwatering appetizers with friends surrounded by the bustling nightlife San Diego has. 

La Puertas

La Puertas has some of the best authentic Mexican cuisine in San Diego. And that’s saying a lot since you can find excellent Mexican restaurants all over town. This classy yet semi-casual restaurant is all about tequila, tacos, and tunes. All the recipes you’ll find on their menu are inspired by Sinaloa recipes that only use the freshest ingredients. For example, all of their margaritas are made how they are in Mexico, with freshly squeezed lime juice. You can enjoy La Puertas for lunch and dinner as well as brunch on the weekends. 

Richard Walker’s Pancake House

The Walker family is well known in the San Diego and California community for serving some of the best breakfast dishes in town. Richard Walker’s Pancake House opened back in 2006, but the Walker family has many successful restaurants in Illinois and other cities in California. Their pancake recipes range from classic buttermilk to banana, Georgia pecan. If you can’t choose just one flavor, you have the option to select three pancake recipes to create your own pancake platter. You can still enjoy eating here if pancakes aren’t the move. They have plenty of classic breakfast dishes and lunch sandwiches to choose from. 

The Fish Market

San Diego is a coastal city, so it’s no surprise that there are a number of excellent seafood restaurants in the area. The Fish Market has a wide selection of high-quality, freshly caught seafood at a relatively affordable price. Their selection of seafood ranges from oysters to shellfish and the freshest catches of the day. If you want to try one of The Fish Market’s specialties, check out the panko-crusted calamari steak or Dungeness crab cioppino. This joint is another favorite for residents and visitors alike to dine in a relaxing and friendly environment while taking in the ocean breeze. 

Juniper and Ivy

Juniper and Ivy is a rustic yet modern restaurant that focuses on chef-driven menu items. The menu at this spot is rotating, meaning they work with in-season ingredients to ensure the freshest possible dish. Juniper and Ivy works with local fishermen and farmers so that there’s less travel time from the farm to your plate. You’ll want to visit this restaurant over and over again because you’ll always be able to try something new. Their patio offers patrons the option to enjoy their imaginative meal under the San Diego stars. 

Whether you’re in the mood for seafood, a juicy steak, or authentic Italian cuisine, you’ll find something you love in San Diego. These ten restaurants are popular among locals for multiple reasons, so you’ll want to check them out sooner rather than later. 

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